Student Life finds new location in Jones Hall

On Monday, the Youngstown State University Office of Student Life will begin to make the move from Kilcawley Center to the third floor of Jones Hall.

Student Life encompasses the emerging leaders program, student disciplinary services and student employment.

The office also provided administrative support to the Student Government Association and other student organizations. After the move, the Office of Student Activities, which will expand into Student Life’s old offices, will assume this responsibility.

Jack Fahey, vice president for student affairs, said the move will place Student Life closer to the departments it works with, including payroll, registration and financial aid.

“It has some pluses,” Fahey said. “You know, anytime you move somebody, there are always some minuses, too. Everyone would love to be in Kilcawley Center if they had their choice.”

The move was spurred by the expansion of the Office of Student Life; the current office location in Kilcawley Center does not provide enough space for the new positions.

Student Life will add a counseling service that includes a director and a counselor who has transferred from Career and Counseling Services.

Fahey said he hopes to eventually add a second counselor position to the department.

Melodie Provencher, an administrative assistant for Student Life, said she anticipates that Nov. 1 and 2 will be at the height of the moving activity.

“We anticipate our services will be limited Nov. 1 and 2,” Provencher said. “I think in general, we like the space that we’ve looked at.”