A Starry Night in Youngstown

By Amanda Lehnerd

Starry Night Youngstown is a Paint and Sip type class that explores the style of Vincent Van Gogh with a twist.

Jackie Bader, Arty Pants business owner and local artist, will instruct the class Sept. 24 from 2-5 p.m. at The SOAP Gallery. 

Bader graduated Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of Science in art education; she went on to teach art in public schools for many years until finding her true calling.

“In my spare time, I would create custom pet portraits and other paintings for people,” Bader said. “The opportunity arose for me to teach a painting class at a local restaurant, and I realized how much I enjoyed that way of teaching art.”

Along with instructing Paint and Sip themed classes, Bader also teaches private art classes.

“I held my first Paint and Sip a couple of years ago and was only able to do a few painting parties here and there because of my schedule,” Bader said. “I have recently made the decision to focus more on these types of painting events and private art classes.”

Daniel Rauschenbach, co-owner of The SOAP Gallery, met Bader at the gallery after an opening, which sparked interest in her teaching a class.

“The arrangement for the class started in early summer after discussing the idea of her doing classes at SOAP,” Rauschenbach said. “Jackie is a positive and talented artist making her perfect to lead the class.”

Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is the main inspiration for the class. Bader, being a Youngstown native, likes to incorporate the city in her artwork.

“Most of the painting classes I teach focus on local scenes, area landmarks and Youngstown pride. I think that people connect well with pieces that demonstrate the relationship many of us have with this city,” Bader said. “This modified version of ‘Starry Night,’ features our downtown skyline in place of the French countryside to give it a local twist on a popular favorite.”

Anita Kramer, YSU student, thinks Paint and Sip classes are a fun experience for everyone.

“The idea of an iconic piece like ‘Starry Night’ featuring the downtown skyline is unique and brings a pull factor,” Kramer said. “I think this will make the class have more of a personal feeling for Youngstown natives.”

The class date and time were carefully crafted to support the other local events happening in Youngstown.

“The date and time were planned in hopes to catch people who would be downtown for the Youngstown Flea or create more of a reason to come downtown,” Rauschenbach said. “Giving people the option to do a Paint and Sip styled class right across the street was an opportunity we had to take.”

Starry Night Youngstown is a BYOB event, and ID must be presented to drink. People wanting to attend the event should contact Jackie Bader at her email jackiebader419@yahoo.com, or message The SOAP Gallery on Facebook.

Bader said, whether you’re a Youngstown native, or an out of state student, this will be a fun and artistic way to paint our town.