Despite the cold temperatures, bagpipes, violins and Irish music filled Federal Plaza Saturday through Monday to celebrate Warehouse 50’s St. Patrick’s Day Party on the Plaza.

The St. Patrick’s Day Party on the Plaza took featured various drink specials, live music and Irish food on Monday for the holiday. One of the featured bands at Warehouse 50 was cover band Abacus Jones.

Scott Austalosh, coordinator of the St. Patrick’s Day Party on the Plaza, is also the band’s manager and booking agent. Austalosh, who moonlights as a keyboardist for the band, said he decided to book Abacus Jones because of their fan base in the area and also the variety of music they play.

“[Abacus] appeals to all music genres and ages. They have over 400 songs in their repertoire that include covers and originals,” he said. “We wanted to have them back after the good reviews they got when they played at Warehouse for the TKE fraternity benefit in February.”

Austalosh said that another reason he booked Abacus was because of the unique rocker spin the band puts on the songs they cover, often giving songs of different genres an edgier twist.

“They are very talented and have a likeable sound,” he said. “We definitely will use them for Party on the Plazas in the summer.”

At the Saturday show, Abacus played covers that ranged from Billy Joel to a few Irish songs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

While Abacus played their set, a bag piper interrupted them mid performance to make an advertisement about Monday’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and how the bar would continue the Saturday night party up until St. Patrick’s Day. The piper also announced what specials and events would go on throughout the weekend.

Heather McSuley, senior exercise science major, said she really enjoyed her time at the event and liked the specials the bar had to offer throughout the nights.

“The atmosphere was really great and it was fun to see so many people out in the community drinking together,” McSuley said. “St. Patrick’s Day to me is being in the company of good people and good spirits and that’s what I go out of the Party on the Plaza weekend.”

Joe Materkowski of Abacus Jones said the band always enjoys playing in Youngstown.

“After doing a St. Jude’s benefit with students from YSU about a month ago … we enjoyed ourselves so much and had to come back to Youngstown to play with our pals Ryan Ross and The Youngstown Syndicate at Warehouse 50 for Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend’s festivities,” Materkowski said. “This area is so great music-wise, and it’s an honor to play anywhere.

Austalosh said he was very excited about Monday’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

“We are going to start up with Kegs and Eggs bright and early on Monday,” he said. “The fiddle players, Irish bands and bag pipe musicians will be throughout the day. I’m setting the bar for local entertainment and with this I want to give people an updated version of other St. Patrick’s Day parties.”

Austalosh said he hopes YSU students who attend the event will have as much fun as he does planning it.

“I love YSU and I want to cater in any way I can to Youngstown State,” he said. “I know for a fact a lot of students go to Warehouse 50 and I want to bring them in more often.”