Tau Kappa Epsilon teamed up with the New Lease on Life Rescue animal shelter to bring puppies to campus.

That’s right, folks. Puppies. On campus. For you to adore and go “aww” at.

This is arguably one of the greatest things that has ever happened to Youngstown State University. Okay, maybe not that far, but it sure is pretty awesome.

Just imagine — you’re walking back to Kilcawley Center or your dorm or wherever it is you’re going, you just got out of a big test that you aren’t feeling too great about it, you’re feeling pretty down. Then, as you wallow in misery and self-deprecation, you see a puppy.

Wouldn’t your day get better the exact second you lay eyes on a little dude like Scooter?

By the way, Scooter is one of the dogs that TKE and New Lease on Life Rescue had at their booth. After a very unfortunate set of circumstances, Scooter lost his hind legs and gets around with a little scooter attached to his body. It’s adorable, bad situation aside.

But we digress. Pretty much everyone loves puppies. They make us feel good when things are bad. They make the cloudy days a little lighter. They make the sun shine a bit brighter. Puppies have been unscientifically proven to make you happier and forgot your woes.

Among those woes are things like midterms and finals — the prior of which is coming up soon. YSU could greatly improve the morale around campus, for students and faculty alike, by adopting puppies as a stress-reliever at tough times of the semester.

Plus, and here’s the crux of our argument, it could be used to attract students. How many colleges can boast a brigade of puppies that you can visit when you’re having a bad day? None that we’re aware of.

If you were a visiting student and heard about a place on campus where you go and play with puppies after a bad test or a terrible day, would that help make YSU’s case to be your college of choice?

We hope it would. YSU could make many decisions worse than getting puppies, and attracting new students is crucial to the future of the university. So we urge the powers that be — please, get puppies. It’s for the future of the school.

And us. We really want a puppy.