Penguin Welcome Week ends confusion and draws crowds


YSU student Jordan Edgell, was one of the 140
students who participated in the welcome week zipline. Photo by Taylor Phillips/ The Jambar.

As the semester of Fall 2013 begins, many new faces will be seen roaming around YSU’s campus. Penguin Boot Camp, the theme for this year’s Welcome Week, offers new students many different services to help them adjust to campus life. Welcome Week is full of activities and orientation services, spanning from August 17-30.
On August 19, incoming students are able to meet with sororities and fraternities, explore the Andrews Recreation and Wellness Center and the Maag Library, watch free outdoor movies and go on campus tours.
Welcome Week is in its third year, and senior peer mentor Linda Crosby said that the turnout is better than ever.
“More people know about it, and that draws crowds,” Crosby said. “We have so many activities planned this year that we haven’t had before. New students get a real taste of how much fun campus life is.”
August 21-23 was filled with even more activities to create a fun atmosphere for the returning students. With Rookery Radio providing tunes all around campus, students were able to attend meet and greets, karaoke, “Just Dance” parties, participate in Build-A-Penguin, and experience the very first year of YSU’s zip line.
“We wanted to bring something new for the students, and this gives them a little taste of the air,” Erin Driscoll, director of student activities and Greek Life, said.
The zip line was YSU’s biggest attraction from Penguin Boot Camp. The large portable zip line machine was set up close to Jimmy John’s by the Williamson College of Business and Administration. Students lined up to climb the steps to the top of the zip line machine, where they would be strapped in and sent gliding down to the bottom.
Incoming freshman Nicolette Pizzuto said she found Penguin Boot Camp extremely helpful and entertaining.
“I liked having someone there to help me look for my classes and figure out things for the first day,” she said, “I also loved the activities; I got to meet new people and do some activities that were really out of the ordinary.”
Driscoll said that she witnessed a really positive response from the students and staff concerning Welcome Week.
“Kids are taking advantage of this opportunity,” she said. “They are setting the stage of being successful and seeing that there are a lot of opportunities to get involved.”
Penguins were getting the most informative and entertaining week, said Carrie Anderson, coordinator of student activities.
“It was a great combination of all things,” Anderson said. “A little bit of education, but with some fun added to it.”
Welcome Week will wrap up its final day on August 30 with a game of Quidditch, Party on the Plaza, and other similar activities.