Only food or drink in The Library, please

The Lemon Grove, located in the Knox Building downtown, will now be known as The Library at the Knox, and is undergoing numerous renovations.

Brent Furrie, local bar owner and promoter, has taken over The Library project.  Furrie said he hopes his business venture will serve the community by adding a more diverse and cultural experience for downtown Youngstown.

Renovations to The Library have started, and will continue over the next few months. Furrie said he wants to utilize all five floors of the Knox Building and expects renovation costs to exceed $100,000.

“I love having a building that is five floors. My goal is to get all five floors opened all with different themes,” said Furrie.

While these themes have not yet been determined, Furrie said a game room featuring pool tables, arcade games and darts will occupy the building’s basement.

Jacob Harver, owner of the previous Lemon Grove, will run an art gallery out of the Knox Building.

“I am very happy with how things have gone. We have a diverse crowd, and it has been a great time so far in this partnership with Brent,” Harver said. “My main passion is to evolve this building. There is a lot of promise for how much can happen.”

The Martini Brothers will be taking over the kitchen, with their featured menu item, the Knox Burger. It comes topped with lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese.

“The Martini Brothers Burgers will have everyone in love,” Furrie said.

Wraps, salads, steak, pasta and pizza will also be featured on the new menu.

Furrie and Harver said they are working hard to make the Knox Building student friendly. The library will accept Pete’s Points and will also give 10 percent off menu items to students with Youngstown State University IDs.

“I want YSU to feel at home here,” Furrie said.

Jessica Lunt, a senior at YSU and employee at V2, a neighboring restaurant, is supportive of The Knox Building renovations.

“I am open to all new places downtown. If it weren’t for new bars opening, none of us would be successful,” Lunt said.

Doug Starr is a student who will be the DJ on Thursdays and Fridays at The Library.

“I’m excited to see where things will go, it has been a fun experience so far,” he said.

Starr commented on the nightlife changes he has seen since Furrie has taken over.

“The crowd has improved immensely, it has been packed every weekend,” he said.

The Library is located at 110 West Federal Plaza in downtown Youngstown. The restaurant and bar will be open seven days a week. The Library will serve all ages until after 10 p.m. when it will switch to 21 and over.