Not Just Running Around

By Brent Bigelow

Jambar Contributor

For most, running around marking things off a checklist is a bother, but the Running Club at Youngstown State University thinks otherwise. For them, the physical activity of running is the high point of their day. Running is a must-do.

“It is a time where I can relax, unwind and de-stress my mind and body,” Zack Goist, president and co-founder of the YSU Running Club said.

The Running Club has 30 members varying in different interests of running. Some are into cross-country running, indoor and outdoor track or recreational running. The only thing they have in common is the love of running.

Tessa Padilla, faculty advisor for the Running Club, said, “Many research studies have been done and a positive correlation can be found between classroom success and participating in exercise and extracurricular activities. Having the club ensures that the members are having an experience at YSU and not simply attending.”

Goist said having the feeling that you are a part of something is a key goal for the Running Club.

“As a group we train, compete and hangout together. The challenges of running and training brings people together in a way I have not experienced in any other sport,” Goist said.

The Running Club has meetings a few times a week but they don’t sit around a table and talk they meet up and run. The club meets at different spots around Youngstown and the surrounding area and has group runs and group training exercises.

Goist said members have regular business-like meetings at the beginning and end of the semester to discuss possible running events to attend and which ones to volunteer at.

“We also volunteer our time to help out with local road races; helping with set-up, tear down, and water/aid stations. We hope to expand this to volunteerism to other local organizations in the near future to help progress the community.” Goist said.

Haley Davis, a student at YSU and an active runner in the Running Club, said the club is open to everyone.

“Even if someone isn’t athletically inclined, we would encourage them to stick with it and run what they can. It can just be leisurely so it doesn’t matter if you are fast or not,” Davis said.

Davis has been running for six years and has been a part of the club for two years. She runs a half marathon in Cleveland every year and runs 5ks with the club when possible.

“I run to stay in shape and so I can eat all the ice cream I want.” Davis said. “It also is kind of relaxing and after so long your body needs to run every day so you just make time to do it.”

The Running Club’s main goal is to bring YSU students together to create a community of runners to exercise together and to have fun doing the things they love.

To join, contact Running Club president Zack Goist at