Nostalgic games

By Alison Butz

Recently, I’ve rediscovered games that I used to play in class throughout elementary, middle and high school to pass time. These are old flash games that pretty much everyone would have probably played themselves or at least heard about.

One of these games is “Fireboy and Watergirl.” I can remember playing this in my elementary school computer lab on the days where we could play whatever we wanted on “Cool Math Games.”

This is a game where you can control two characters by the arrow keys and WASD keys simultaneously. When I revisited this game, it hit me that it was supposed to be a multiplayer game all along.

It would make sense because the controls are on opposite ends of a keyboard. However, it was always seen as such a flex if you were able to move both characters flawlessly at the same time.

The ironic part about playing these games on a website entitled “Cool Math Games” is that most of the games didn’t include math. There are other games that actually include some form of math, like “2048” or “Sudoku.”

Only some of these games saved progress which was convenient for if you wanted to return and play later. However, for the few games that did not, it was quite heartbreaking.

Another series that I can remember being a big hit was the “Papa’s” games. The most popular was “Papa’s Pizzeria.” In this game, you play as an employee at multiple different food and drink joints throughout Papa’s universe.

My personal favorite game was “Papa’s Wingeria,” where you play as an employee at a wing joint. The hardest one for me was “Papa’s Susheria” because it was always hard to line up where to cut the sushi roll.

However, my favorite game I used to play all the time is the “Duck Life” games. In fact, I still find myself revisiting them when I am bored.

This is a game where you control a customizable duck in order to become the strongest and fastest duck in the world. Each race would increase in difficulty which you had to train your duck for. The training included running, swimming, and jumping among other things.

I think the most nostalgic part about the “Duck Life” games has to be the soundtrack, mostly because there aren’t any voiceovers for the ones I played.

My strategy for these games in a speedrun type of way is to train my duck until it is maxed out in all its training.

There are 10 games that do not include the hacked versions, but the ones I remember the most are simply named “Duck Life,” “Duck Life 2” and “Duck Life 3.”