New Book Series Sees Great Potential

By Mohammad Mujahed 

A new book by a local author, was on display during a book signing event that took place on Sept 14. at the Barnes and Nobles at Youngstown State University. “Albion Moon” was written by M.L Mastran. Mastran is an assistant director at the undergraduate admissions office at YSU.

Albion Moon” is the first book that Mastran published. This book is the first of four parts in the series.

Mastran said the subject and element of the book is intriguing.  

“The book is filled with mystery, romance, suspense and also a mix of paranormal element,” she said.

The book is about a girl named Evaline who is looking for her brother after his disappearance. Down the road she finds out about many mysterious things within her bloodline.

“She is uncovering ancient secret mysteries about her bloodline,” Mastran said. “So now she has to protect her family from the dangers of the Old World.”

Mastran discussed how she came up with the story and also what influenced her in writing it.

“I was going through some tough times, and I have a drawer full of stories, and random thoughts, so I just put them down.”

She also said she was influenced by other books and movies that she has followed. Mastran wrote the book in four to five months.

At the the book signing, many people who read the book thought it was outstanding from the storyline, while others got attracted to it through different ways.

Christopher Halstead, a freshman computer science student at YSU, plans to purchase the book. He talked about how he was interested in the book through the artistic design.

“I was interested in the book from the way the cover was designed, and then I read the summary,” Halstead said. “The details were great and also the art on the cover of the book was interesting.”

Halstead, who is usually a fan of manga, rarely reads anything else. He claims this one of the few books outside of manga he plans to read.

Dorothy Shill, who was at the book signing, said she read the book and enjoyed it.

“The book kept me intrigued. It just catches you till the end, it was very interesting, I would highly recommend it,” Shill said.

She also said it took her only two days to read the book, and she can’t wait for the next one.

Lidia Yancar, who also read the book, discussed how it has a historical twist.

“I like the way she mixed the history, which is all correct, with the fiction,” Yancar said.

She said she could not put the book down.

“You want to know more and more while you read the book,” Yancar said.

She said she sees the great potential of the book and the full series.

“The potential of the full series will go great, because of the excitement that just builds, and it has a lot of interesting actions that is going on,” Yancar said.

As far as the series goes, Mastran said it will be a four-part book series and it could be more.
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