Musicologist gives speech

On Friday, musicologist Kendra Leonard will give a lecture titled “Music for Warrior Women.” The lecture will begin at 4 p.m. in Bliss Recital Hall and is open to the public.

“Music for Warrior Women” exemplifies screen music and examines recurring musical tropes for women in powerful social positions. The lectures main purpose is to examine music on two different female leaders Queen Elizabeth I and Zoe Washburne.

Leonard will share her knowledge on music and associated ideas. She presents her research as a lecture or presentation several times a year at academic conferences and invited talks.

“Presenting research is a crucial part of an academic career, and I believe it’s important to share knowledge with colleagues and others interested in the subject area,” she said.

In preparation for lectures Leonard selects aspects of her work that she thinks would be interesting to audiences. She prepares slides, edits music and film clips to make sure the lecture is appealing. She has been working on Friday’s lecture for two years.

“After any talk, I’m pleased if the audience appears to have learned something from the presentation and enjoyed it,” she said.

Leonard is the author of several books. These books include “The Conservatoire Américain: a History and Shakespeare, Madness” and “Music: Scoring Insanity in Cinematic Adaptations.” She is also the contributing editor of “Buffy, Ballads, and Bad Guys who Sing: Music in the Worlds of Joss Whedon.”

Ewelina Boczkowska, assistant professor of music history, is in charge of inviting and hosting varies notorious speakers to come present lectures on campus. Boczkowska said that she tries to bring the best scholars to educate the university.

“Kendra Leonard is a fabulous speaker and is an independent musicologist. She has written many books, several publications, and edited volumes. Her field is very interesting,” she said.

Boczkowska hopes for a large audience that is engaged and asks plenty of questions.

“The lecture has a broad appeal. It is the type of lecture that will appeal to anyone who is interested in music, music and women, women studies, film music, English, and literature,” she said.

Boczkowska said guest lectures bring new topics to the university that may not come otherwise.

“This topic [Leonard is presenting] is truly interdisciplinary and will appeal to anyone interested in music as well as film, history, and gender studies,” she said.

Mike Crist, professor at the Dana School of Music, finds it of importance to continue bringing outside speakers to YSU students and the community.

“It is always important to bring people in from the outside. It can help spark new thoughts and discussion or reaffirm what is in place,” he said.