Movie ‘Mayhem!’

By Alison Butz

2024 has an impeccable lineup of movies to be released. Movie fans are going to be spending quite a long time at cinemas each month. 

January started the year off strong with titles such as “Mean Girls,” “Mayhem!” and “Sometimes I Think About Dying,” which are a few titles that I was highly anticipating. 

“Mean Girls” is a movie remake of the Broadway musical, based on the iconic original 2004 movie. Unfortunately, the movie was lackluster in some parts. The studio severely undercast some characters, starting with Angourie Rice as Cady Heron. 

With strong actors and singers like Reneé Rapp as Cady’s antagonist Regina George, you either need to step up to the challenge of playing Cady or just cast someone who can compete at Rapp’s level.

In February, I am mostly looking forward to “Argylle,” “Madame Webb” and “Bob Marley: One Love.” There’s not much that can make me dislike an action and adventure movie that features a cat, so I have high expectations for “Argylle.”

The cat in “Argylle” is named Alfie in the movie, but is actually the real-life cat of supermodel Claudia Vaughn, wife of the movie’s director Matthew Vaugn. I found this interesting detail insanely cute. The cat’s real name is Chip.

March features “Dune: Part Two,” “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” and was meant to feature the release of  “Mickey 17,” but the movie was recently pulled from Warner Brothers’s release calendar, unfortunately. 

April, May and June do not have any movie releases that catch my eye and motivate me to watch, but July features two that are highly anticipated for me. 

“Deadpool 3” and “Twisters” have been on my watch list since they were confirmed to be in production.

I’m especially excited to see “Twisters,” which will be a continuation of the 1996 movie “Twister.” This movie has been one of my family’s favorites, and it quickly became one of mine. The only thing I hope to see in the sequel is the return of some original cast members. 

August is another month where I don’t find any to-be-released films interesting, but September has “Beetlejuice 2” and “Speak No Evil,” which are another two I am highly anticipating. Any Tim Burton movie is set to be a good one, just because I really enjoy his work.

Finishing out the year in December, “Mufasa: The Lion King,” “Karate Kid” and “Nosferatu” are all on my radar. I am really hoping Disney doesn’t overdo the storyline for “The Lion King” because I did not enjoy the live action one at all.