Math tutoring at the MAC

By Cassandra Lucyk

The Math Achievement Center is one of many on-campus services that Youngstown State University provides for students. 

The MAC offers tutoring for all students who are currently enrolled in a math class at YSU. Tutoring is available from college algebra to Calculus 3 and the room also acts as a study space. 

Jessie Jones, coordinator of the MAC, said the service was founded several decades ago and has some history in its name. 

“The Math Achievement Center was founded in 1979 as the Math Lab to help students struggling in their mathematics courses. In the ‘80s it was renamed the Math Assistance Center and in 2021 it took its current name,” Jones said. 

Sela Jones, a junior civil engineering major who tutors at the MAC, said the types of services and support provided. 

“We can do both drop-in tutoring, and we have review sessions. For our drop-in tutoring, you can walk in anytime that we’re open, which is 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and nine to three on Friday,” Jones said. 

Before finals week, the MAC will offer review sessions for specific classes or professors. It posts the schedules around the building hallways and stairwells.

Devan Miller, a senior mathematics major, said how he started tutoring at the MAC. 

“I was taking discrete mathematics with Dr. Byers last spring and Jessie, who is the director here at the MAC, came to our class looking for tutors. So, I applied, I had an interview with her and started in the summer,” Miller said.

Students who tutor can use their involvement at the MAC in the future. 

Matt Commons, a senior mathematics major, said how his experience as a math tutor can help him in his future career.  

“I would like to be a professor, eventually, so tutoring others helps me learn how to communicate ideas that I understand better,” Commons said. “It’s usually pretty easy once you understand something to feel like you know it, but explaining it is something completely different.”

For students who need help with math or want a job as a tutor, the MAC is located in Cafaro Hall, room 408. Students who want to tutor can apply on the MAC website.