Maag Library: A Student’s Best Friend

By Sierra Kish
Jambar Contributor 

Maag Library is attempting to be more than just a library this semester by offering board games and umbrellas to check out, along with phone chargers and exercise bikes to use while studying.

Ana Torres, the co-director and head of library services and operations at Maag, said the library’s role for the students is important. 

“The library is a central space for the students of yesterday, today and the future. So, we needed to evaluate how we can support the students’ success beyond the research and information,” Torres said. 

Christine Adams, co-director and head of research and academic support, said Maag can be a gathering place for the campus community.

“Sometimes you can’t study in your dorm or need more than just studying. You can check out … [more than] just books,” Adams said. 

Maag is also recognizing the importance of honoring the diversity of YSU students, and Adams said changes were made to make the library an approachable area for everyone.

“Some students are parents and non-traditional students who have different needs. So, we try to pay attention to the demographics and what is happening to society and make a comfortable space for any student that comes to the university,” Adams said.

Torres said library staff members are trying to break the barrier between students, faculty and staff. 

“We are encouraging faculty members to come over and teach,” she said. “There is sometimes a line or wall perceived between faculty and students. We just want to try and make everything approachable, from being the space to the actual relationships between faculty, staff and students.”

Many students visit Maag to complete class assignments, study and work on group projects. Alicia Rodriguez, sophomore social work major, said she enjoys the environment at the library.

“It’s a good place to relax and be comfortable. There are always computers and printers to use. Also, [it’s] a quiet space for me to study and get in the zone with my music,” Rodriguez said. 

The atmosphere of a regular, quiet library can bring students in, and Matthew Cappitte, freshman social work major, said coming to Maag helps him concentrate. 

“It’s always quiet and peaceful. I can think. I can sit upstairs with my laptop and coffee,” Cappitte said. 

The goal for the new services is to help YSU students succeed. 

“We hope the students and faculty are enjoying the changes to the services and facilities that we have been making to accommodate your success,” Torres said.