Letter to the Editor: ISIS Threats

As an international student from Saudi Arabia and also as a Muslim, I would like to say that the Pro-ISIS anti-French message, whether it’s a credible or non-credible threat does not represent us as a Muslim community. If anything we agree that ISIS is a terrorist group that has taken responsibility for the brutal attacks in U.S, France, and even in the Middle East.

What I ask of people is not to judge a book by its cover.  You can’t really judge a whole community based on one ignorant individual who obviously does not represent Muslims or Middle Eastern people.

I believe that even if you are Atheist, Bodhi, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. We should all stand against this threat as one community against terrorism. No matter how many people they kill to gain power, how many Muslims they terrorize into submission or how loudly they scream their self-righteous blasphemy to the heavens, ISIS is not nor will ever be Islamic. And I’m sure that I’m one of the millions of voices of Muslims.

I hope to see the university continuing to develop their security measures, and as YSU students if you have knowledge about the incident you should be open to contact campus police at 330-941-3527.

Abdullah Khalil
YSU Student

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