Letter To The Editor (Continued)

To whom it may concern,

Mental health is an issue that is receiving a lot more research and has an increasing popularity among colleges as a field of study.  However, when it comes to mainstream media, mental health seems to be viewed as more of a joke than an important matter.  You never hear about this topic being addressed in the news; they seem to push it to the back burner and not put it on display.  Also, on the social media aspect, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  There are always negative comments in regards to it stating that depression isn’t a disease and shouldn’t be treated as one or that anxiety isn’t real. In reality, it is. It is a mental disease, something that affects our minds which is the central control system for our bodies.  These types of real diseases can make us weak, it can make our bodies shut down completely and restrict us from doing the things we use to find pleasure in.  It’s a block in our system, a disease that is real and can be controlled, managed and conquered.  Social awareness for this disease is basically non-existent and people that suffer from this may feel embarrassed to come out and get help but we need to welcome this disease and socially promote/accept this as a real disease that we can help overcome.  It wasn’t until recently that it began to get addressed in music that is on the radio and that is a step in the right direction.  It’s time that we stop neglecting the fact that many people suffer from this and start promoting it and accepting it as a society that is willing to help and give it the attention that it needs.


Emily Medlin

Youngstown State Nursing Student