Letter to the Editor

My name is George Koulianos and I am currently a senior nursing student at Youngstown State University. I’m writing to you to address a resource issue for nursing students on campus. 

The Centofanti School of Nursing is easily one of the biggest programs on campus. It holds over 400 students & faculty and consists of multiple programs that include the undergraduate program, master’s level, doctoral program, which includes nurse anesthesia and licensed school nurse. 

The issue — unfortunate issue — found here on campus is not only affecting nursing students, but all academic majors and is the lack of after-hours resources. A place for students to utilize for studying, printing, collaboration with fellow students, after-hours availability and, overall, a place where nursing students can achieve academic success here on campus.

Many students face the issue of finding a space that’s dedicated to their learning and holds resources for the benefit of their education. The issue sadly doesn’t only affect nursing students, but it affects all students on campus. The same issue has even been brought to my attention by multiple majors across campus, one specifically being STEM college students. 

Students’ success is dependent on YSU giving them the proper resources. Our university makes sure our athletes have the proper resources for them to achieve their goals in athletics, why not the students here only for academics? 

We need a change for our students, and we need a change soon. We need a place dedicated to students that provides us with extended hours, weekend availability, and a controlled environment to enhance the learning process. 

I hope to see a change in the near future not only for our student’s sake, but for Youngstown State University. 

Sincerely, a concerned nursing student at YSU.