Letter To The Editor


The Democrats did health care two weeks ago. Same-ol,’ same-ol.’

When will Democrats confront the actual workings of group health insurance, the evil sun at the center of America’s health care derangement?

Memo to Bernie, Elizabeth and the other health care universalistas:

There’s an array of arguments favoring the immediate abolition of group health insurance. The arguments come from the evidence of how group health insurance actually works. Hint: ignore how people believe it works.

Develop your argument for abolition. Try the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause as one option.

Make the case for abolition at the next debate.

Forget your “Medicare for All” talk. People know that already. What they don’t know is why America needs to get out of group health insurance fast.

I’ve been writing for a while about how group health corrupts thought, word and deed. Trust me: historians and journalists of 2030 will go full shred on group health once political space is opened for them. It’s that bad.

Jack Labusch

Niles, Ohio