Letter to the editor

I was quite excited to see a letter in The Jambar this past week by Mr. Mike Metzinger, who endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Not only was it well written, but also it was also quite emblematic of the many endorsements that have been offered up for this year’s Republican candidate. And those same reasons are precisely why I will take such satisfaction in entirely debunking the letter’s claims since they are wholly insubstantial. Unfortunately, all well written letters are not necessarily well researched, and that’s part of what makes fact-checking them so much fun. Watch me go.

Mr. Metzinger’s factual accuracy took a dive rather quickly when he claimed the president said the following of the economy: “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” What Mike failed to mention was the context of the remark: It was made in reference to the Troubled Asset Relief Program — not the economy in general. TARP, for as unpopular as it may have been, was the focus of President Obama’s remark, and to suggest otherwise is dishonest and arguably an attempt at misinformation. So, that’s one mark against Mr. Metzinger’s letter. I’ve gotta keep him honest, though, so I press on.

A second point made in the gentleman’s letter is that unemployment remains “sky high.” I think it’s worth pointing out that Ohio’s economy is performing at better levels than it has in decades, with forecasts for further improvement quite likely. So, there’s a stake through the heart of Metzinger’s rhetoric on that point. Our state has been very patient and resilient to get itself back on track. Under President Obama’s leadership, that is happening — from the auto-industry bailout to the Obamacare signing, which is aimed at assisting more Ohioans with their health care insurance.

Shall I go on?

Mike then went on to ask why Obama can’t “get our economy back on track when has failed to do it in his first term?” Well, Republican intransigence certainly doesn’t help, for one. But what must be stated quite succinctly is the simple arithmetic of the past four years: When President Obama took office, we were losing jobs. We are now adding jobs each month. We progressed from losses and are now making gains, to put it frankly. How you can get that basic math wrong is beyond me, but it seemed to elude Mr. Metzinger.

I’ve already cast my vote for the president, and I encourage every voter to do the same to send him back for a second term. Mitt Romney’s business background is one of a man that sent jobs overseas, and I don’t care how many points his plan has. If your schematic for American workers is to create jobs they have no means of getting, then you’re not really fit to be our leader.

You have a decision to make this election: a corporate raider or a champion of the people? President Obama has proven himself a capable leader, and he deserves four more years.

Robert Heltzel Niles