Let’s talk about sex


A passion party is a gathering that explores human sexuality in a judgment-free environment. On Tuesday, a passion party was held in Cafaro House for the YSU community. Photo by Kara Pappas/The Jambar.

A passion party held in Cafaro House on Tuesday night spiced up Safer Sex Week with condom races, sex toy presentations and taste tests.

“I expect it to be interesting,” said Gregory Satmare, a junior majoring in psychology.

Satmare said it was his first passion party, and that he was going into the party with an open mind.

Sexpert Vanessa Stamper led the event, using many different toys and demonstrations to promote the message of safe sex.

“Always use a condom,” she said. “If you don’t have one, search the dorms because somebody has one.”

Stamper presented different products with the hopes of showing participants that there are ways to spice up a relationship while still being smart.

“I would rather see every kid with a toy than have them go out to a party and have unprotected sex with a stranger. That’s dangerous,” she said.

Roughly 50 people attended the event in the multipurpose room of Cafaro House. Breanne Romeo, a residential education graduate assistant and one of the party’s planners, was surprised by the turnout for the passion party.

“I’m happy with the turnout because a lot of students are busy during this week with classes or exams,” Romeo said.

Jennifer Schuster, a junior majoring in forensics, was a little apprehensive about attending, saying she went only because her friends did.

“It was a little uncomfortable, because you don’t know everyone there, and even talking about dildos and edible lotions with your friends is weird,” Schuster said. “I mean, sure, I learned a few things while I was here, but it was a little awkward.” Kara Malberti, a Kilcawley House resident assistant, said she had a good time at the event. She’s hopeful that the passion party becomes a tradition for future incarnations of Safer Sex Week. 

Safer Sex Week continues with free HIV testing, a sexy scavenger hunt starting in the residence halls and a late-night quickie at Christman Dining Commons.