Join the Huddle and Become A Resident Assistant

By Gabrielle Owes

For students looking for an opportunity to apply for an on-campus job that includes free room and board, Youngstown State University Office of Residence Life hosts virtual information sessions detailing how to become a resident assistant.

Jacob Haskins, housing coordinator of Lyden House, created the virtual information sessions for students to attend, which will explain the job requirements to become an RA.

“A resident assistant is a student-level, residence life employee who lives in one of the halls. They will walk around and monitor students in the building,” he said. “I describe it as a triage because they are the first person to go to if students are having trouble with their classes, life and living situation. The RA will provide each student with advice and can help them find the right person to contact for their needs.”

In order for students to apply for an RA position, they must attend one virtual mandatory informational session, obtain a 2.3 GPA, complete one year of college as a full-time student and receive a reference letter from a current YSU employee.

“The last slide of the presentation that I give is a form that students have to fill out their name and email address. They will receive a follow-up email thanking them for attending the information session, which will inform them of the deadline for the application and will provide them with a link to apply for the position,” Haskins said.

According to Haskins, although becoming an RA is a competitive process, the job comes with many perks, such as 20 hours per week, a free single room and a bronze meal plan. It will also allow students to gain both professional and personal experiences to build their resume. 

Veronica Erjavec, a senior communication studies major, has been an RA in the Kilcawley House for three years and has enjoyed her experience.

“I really enjoy my job — I actually plan to apply for graduate school and go into student affairs because of my position here,” she said.

Erjavec said as an RA, her job is to build a community and to provide a safe and fun environment for the residents. She also enforces policies and works in an on-call capacity, in case anyone needs anything in the evenings.

Resident assistants at YSU live for free in a single room while enforcing housing procedures and working on-call in the residence halls. Youngstown State University Office of Residence Life is hosting virtual information sessions to become a resident assistant. Photo courtesy of 8: The Locals return to the stage after a 6-month music hiatus to perform Halloween night at Suzie’s Dogs and Drafts. Photo by Zach Mosca

Erjavec said she encourages students to attend the Webex information session and to apply for the RA position.

“If a student is interested in becoming an RA, I think it’s a great opportunity. I learn a lot about myself and others just from being in this position,” she said.

The deadline to apply for the position will be open until 11:59 p.m. Nov. 30. 

Students interested in becoming a resident assistant or have questions about the upcoming Webex information session, can visit the Student Experience Calendar or email Jacob Haskins at