It’s our turn already?

The basement of Fedor Hall is a little darker today — a little emptier and a lot more arduous.

We say goodbye to friends and colleagues. Journalism can sometimes feel like a war zone, and we are outnumbered now that we’ve lost such brothers and sisters at arms as Josh Stipanovich, Doug Livingston, Chelsea Telega, Sam Marhulik and Mitchell Thornton.

All across campus, departments are preparing to cope with the retirement of colleagues. For us, we’re losing some of the greatest products to ever go through the journalism program.

We’ve learned a lot, fighting in the trenches alongside some of YSU’s best and brightest. You’ve taught us a lot, perhaps without even knowing it.

Now we, Chris Cotelesse, incoming editor-in-chief, and Jordan D. Uhl, incoming managing editor, have to take the reins.

Now, our asses are on the line.

We have to be as talented and wise as they are. We have to behave like grownups, and that scares us the most. More so for Chris.

To rely on our own limited talents would be to invite failure into the legacy that those before us worked so hard to build.

We can’t go it alone. We need your help.

We need you to tell us what’s important to you. Tell us your stories so we can spread them through campus and beyond. Most importantly, we need you to remind us that

The Jambar is your newspaper. It doesn’t belong to us.

That’s no small task. Combining our bloated egos creates a dangerous concoction.

Confidence drives us to be our best, but we’re aware that it needs to be kept in check.

In exchange for your vigilance, we solemnly swear to stick it to The Man so you can get a fair shake. We’ll rebuke you when it’s appropriate and comfort you when you need it.

In the next 12 months, you can expect extensive election coverage.

We’ll tell you about your student organizations and their civic engagement.

We’ll keep an eye on the newly established shale institute.

We’ll demand action from the Student Government Association.

We’ll maintain steady and comprehensive coverage of the Jamail Johnson murder trial and the hazing case.

And you can bet your sweet ass we’ll watch any move the board of trustees makes this summer. Especially the proposed tuition increase and mandatory transportation fee.

Fight the power!