Tressel Applies for YSU’s Top Job

Jambar file photo

Ron Cole, the Youngstown State University public information officer, confirmed that Jim Tressel has submitted his application for the presidency position at Youngstown State University.

In a statement through the University of Akron, Tressel, former head coach of both Youngstown State University and Ohio State University and current vice president of Strategic Engagement at the University of Akron, commented on his application.

“I am respectful of the presidential search process underway at both Youngstown State University and The University of Akron. Both University communities are a very meaningful part of my professional history. I feel grateful that people from both University communities have expressed interest in my application. I believe it’s appropriate that I not comment any further during this part of the process,” he said.

Tressel has received significant encouragement to apply for the position from the Youngstown Community. Ohio State Representative Robert Hagan said he fully supports Tressel for the position.

“I’m glad. I think he has mastered the art of negotiations, and he knows very well how to play  free agent. He did at YSU and at Akron, and I commend him for doing it the right way. I hope that the board of trustees does a better job of vetting those candidates than the last time, and they get a commitment from whoever it is,” Hagan said. “Hopefully it will be Jim Tressel.”

Harry Meshel, YSU trustee, also spoke positively of Tressel’s application.

“I think it’s wonderful. [Tressel’s application is] a great addition to the list that we will probably have by the time we’re through,” he said. “The mystery is settled and I think a lot of people will be happy about it.”

Meshel indicated that the presidential search committee will meet next week to review the applications. The Board hopes to appoint a new president before June.

Tressel has also applied to be president of The University of Akron.

The application deadline for the presidency position at YSU is Monday, April 14.