It ain’t over yet

The Penguins took one on the chin in Fargo on Saturday.

Actually, it was a TKO.

The mighty ‘Guin offense, led by Kurt Hess, was completely shut down, scoring only seven points.

In nearly every aspect, North Dakota State University outplayed YSU.

Distraught, disappointed and depressed, the boys of fall returned on a nearly silent flight to the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport.

But it ain’t over yet.

NDSU is undoubtedly the best team YSU will face in the regular season.

Eric Wolford, head football coach, stressed how his team couldn’t allow the Bison to beat them twice.

It’s better to lose now than when it really counts.

Adversity breeds excellence. The playoffs are still within reach.

The remainder of the schedule favors YSU. These games are winnable.

Wolford has a 24-hour limit on celebrations or sulk sessions after games. Your 24 hours is up, boys. It’s time to get back to business.

The same goes for students as well.

Now is the time to show our true colors. It was easy to be hyped about our football players when they were kicking tail and taking names.

Let’s show up at the Ice Castle on Oct. 20 with the same enthusiasm we showed at Heinz Field.

The red and white are waving.