I Was Never Really Good at Headlines

By Jordan McNeil

It’s a little hard to believe my time at The Jambar is at a close. After two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a bunch of amazing folks. But unfortunately, I have limited space for this letter, so the copy editor that I am, I’m going to keep this as concise as possible.

Rachael: Thank you for putting up with my questions and self-doubt. I loved all our long discussions on writing and Marvel, and I can’t wait to see your name on a bookshelf someday so I can say “Hey, I was a sounding board for this story. Oh, me and the author hung out, no big deal.” You were an excellent copy editor — I feel confident that I learned from one of the best. Stay burdened with glorious sass.

Cassy: I also have to thank you for putting up with my self-doubt with my ability to be head copy editor. You were pretty reassuring when I was freaking out that you were leaving me. I’m glad you were always up for commiserating over coursework, because I definitely was always up to complain. You keep rocking it over there at STEM.

Mary Beth: While I’m thanking people for having confidence in me, I have to mention you as well. I never felt that you had any doubt that I could do my job or Yo Magazine — even when I picked up more extra things for me to do, like becoming co-editor of Penguin Review. Thanks for that.

Amanda: You’re pretty cool, even when you’re insulting me. I’m glad you stayed part of the copy corner even after you left us, and that you volunteered to help me run Yo. I probably would’ve gone crazy without you. Super proud of you for landing your big girl job — I know you’re going to do even more great things after graduation.

Gabby: I’m glad we went to Philly together and bonded. I’m really upset now that I was so asocial toward you last year! You’re an awesome gal, and I know you’re going to be bomb-diggity as managing editor next year.

Frank, Liam and Graig: I guess I should thank you for putting up with all my sass. And my criticisms on your word choices and knowledge of AP Style — or rather, lack thereof. Frank, I’m pretty sure you’re the one who convinced me to apply to The Jambar, so thanks. You better keep rocking out to Springsteen at Akron. Liam, I hope you get your dream of herding sheep. Graig, congrats on EIC. I know you’ll be great.

My copy editors: You guys were the best I could’ve hoped for. You put up with my fumbling as I got used to being in charge, and I’m grateful for that, as well as your willingness to question and learn. Rebecca, congrats again on Alabama. Go show them how poetry is done. Liz, you’ve finished grad school! Good luck and enjoy Chicago. Amber and Sara, you both are going to be awesome next year. You teach those new copy editors the love of AP Style.

Designers: You all do a wonderful job and we at The Jambar are so lucky to have you. Specifically Corin and Stacy, thanks for dealing with me while working on Yo. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.

Justin: You’re okay, I guess. Not great, but okay. Congrats on news editor. Shy hatch always.

The Jamily: You all have made these last two years so much better than I could’ve ever expected. I’m honestly going to miss the hectic production nights, goofing off in the office, Smash Bros. Fridays, stressing over stories falling through, and debating comma placements. My Mondays and Wednesdays next fall are going to feel a little empty. To those of you graduating, congrats. To those still around, keep on making an awesome paper.
And don’t worry, I’ll still be around. You can’t get rid of me that easily.