Honors College presents helpful tips for stress to YSU freshmen

By Samantha Smith

Youngstown State University’s Sokolov Honors College held a well-being and stress management presentation for freshmen honors students April 13.

Hannah Crites, graduate assistant for the honors college and graduate student majoring in physical therapy explained the necessity of holding the presentation.

“We really think it’s important for [the students] to want to know how to transition into college. With that comes a lot of things. Balancing your schoolwork, balancing your friends, but also balancing you and your well-being,” she said.

Crites said students need to focus on their mental well-being and their physical well-being. She mentioned the importance of building that foundation with themselves before being able to help others.

YSU community liaison Mason Edmunds served as the speaker at the presentation. Edmunds spoke about academic pressures and stress management.

“There are great ways to try and deal with all these things that you’re feeling while you’re in college, especially when you’re in your freshman year, so many things still seem uncertain. It’s important to relax. Some people do yoga. I love to play video games — that’s how I relax, tune my mind out, escape into something else,” he said.

Along with providing tips for students, Edmunds explained where they can go to receive free counseling services on campus and the importance of talking to someone when times are difficult. Counseling services is located in Kilcawley Center on the second floor. To make an appointment, call 330-941-373.

“The cool thing about going to see somebody who is a registered clinician is the fact that they don’t have a horse in the race. They honestly want you to feel better, but they’re not going to sit back and just tell you what you want to hear,” he said.

Crites hopes students find what works for them to keep their stress under control and get through college. Crites wants to have this type of presentation again to help incoming students in the future. Edmunds explained to students that stress does not end at school and it is important to know how to handle it.

“It’s on us to take it one day at a time and just move throughout our coursework, throughout our college experience, throughout our work life, our social lives. Take it one day at a time, things will fall into place if you’re trying,” Edmunds said.

For more information on the Sokolov Honors College, visit its webpage through the YSU website.