Homecoming court members get ready for the crown

By Kaitlyn McCarthy

Members of the Youngstown State University Homecoming Court prepare for the crowning of the homecoming king and queen at halftime during the football game against Missouri State University  Saturday, Oct. 9. 

Homecoming king candidates are: Mario Campalong, Noah Landry, Mark Pompeo, Connor Remington and Edward Sadler Jr. 

Homecoming queen candidates are: Mya Blanco, Francesca Bryne, Shreeya Manandhar, Kierston Richardson and Rachael Thomas. 

The nominated candidates each represent a student organization at YSU. Candidate Shreeya Manadhar had a particular group that she hoped to represent as a homecoming candidate.

“I don’t see a lot of Asian people applying [to homecoming court] or trying to get out there. Maybe, in [the] future, we will see more diversity,” said Manadhar, a biological science major. “I’m there so that, in [the] future, we’ll have more Asian students and ethnic students joining in the court.”

Other candidates focused on representing the clubs that nominated them, or representing the university as a whole. 

“My duties as a homecoming candidate would be to rightfully represent the students of YSU that are involved in the student organizations that I’m in. Actually, not just them. But, to represent the students at YSU as a whole,” candidate Connor Remington, a music education major, said.

It is very important that candidates act as good role models for students at YSU. Since they are publicized a lot, candidates must be nice and respectful to others. 

“There is a lot of publicity to it. You have to present yourself as best as you can, and I always want to bring as much positivity and light to as many people as I can,” candidate Francesca Byrne, advertising and public relations major, said.

Being on homecoming court allows many of the candidates to connect with other students at YSU.

“I love being around campus, meeting new people, getting out there, and I think this is a really great opportunity to get out there,” candidate Rachael Thomas, an integrated mathematics major, said.

Candidates also connected with one another throughout their experience.

“I’m just excited to have this opportunity to share this moment with all the other candidates who made it onto the court, to truly leave our mark on campus,” Remington said.

Voting ended Sept. 22. Students were able to vote through an email sent to their YSU accounts. Candidates showed their gratitude to those who took the time to vote. 

“Thank you so very much to those of you who went out and voted — not just for Francesca and myself,” Remington said.

Candidates are still waiting for their results and, in the meantime, are experiencing life as a YSU student on homecoming court.