Graduate studies dean announces retirement


Peter Kasvinsky, dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Youngstown State University, retired today after 20 years in that post.

Under his leadership, several new programs were offered and graduate enrollment grew 55 percent — from 395 full-time equivalent students in the fall of 1993 to 614 in the fall of 2012.

Brian DePoy, dean of the College of Fine and Performing Arts, will fill in until the YSU Board of Trustees finds a replacement. DePoy said he experienced Kasvinsky’s contributions to the deparment first-hand.

“[Kasvinsky] was critical in moving forward a new degree program, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Communication,” DePoy said.

Kasvinsky began his career in education more than 40 years ago, teaching at universities in several states and Alberta, Canada.

He served as a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Services Corps, received various professional awards and honors, helped pass and fund about 20 grants and had over 30 published works.

Kasvinsky said he will miss working with faculty and helping them develop the program.

“You feel good about helping good faculty get ahead a little bit and get good resources,” Kasvisnky said.

DePoy shares some of Kasvinsky’s goals for YSU. He said he hopes “to place a focus on the marketing of our graduate programs, advance current projects, and to develop a productive rapport with the staff in graduate studies and research,” DePoy said.

Kasvinsky said there should be more advertising and marketing for the graduate department.

“I think a lot of people don’t know the graduate school exists on this campus,” he said. “We still have students that don’t know the graduate programs. There should be more emphasis on opportunities for students in class.

Kasvinsky said he always looked at undergraduates as expected graduate students at some point in the future.

“The whole idea is to recruit them,” he said.

Leaving behind a substantial Curriculum Vitae, Kasvinsky said he plans to relax, vacation with his family and enjoy his daughter’s wedding in August.

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