We stand now on the precipice. The end is upon us, and freedom is just beyond our fingertips. We have two days of classes remaining and beyond that, five days of examinations, presentations and stress. But after these seven days — nine if you include the upcoming weekend that will undoubtedly blur into the chaos that is finals week — is the holiday break.

Can you taste it? The freedom? It’s there — right there. But still, it is so far away.

Once we’re there, though, it will be sweet. A month off. A month to do whatever you please with your time. You can sit and watch TV all day or read books or hang out with friends or all of the above or maybe none of those things.

Not all of us are that lucky, though. Some have jobs to work, families to take care of or other commitments, and we salute them for it.
In those 30 days is what some have called “the most wonderful time of the year.” The time for spending time with loved ones — or perhaps dealing with loved ones would be more appropriate — and reflecting on the year that was. Of course, we can’t forget the gifts, but that’s not what the holiday season is really about, now is it?

As this semester draws to an end, it’s amazing to think that 16 weeks ago, it was just beginning. We barely had an idea of what we were doing then, and as we publish our last issue of the semester, we’re realizing how much we’ve learned this semester.

Hopefully, you have learned something, too — at least in one of your classes. We hope that the knowledge you’ve gained serves you well next week — or this week if you have a professor who wants to cut you break for finals week.

Now, we say goodbye to all of you. For the next three weeks, we’ll be on vacation unless there’s some breaking news to cover, in which case you’ll have to head on over to our website. We’ll be back a week before school starts to work on getting a newspaper for you to read when you get back.

So with all of that being said, we’d like to wish all of you good luck, tell you “happy holidays” and say “goodbye” — for the next month, at least.