Getting involved with Student Organization Fair

By Cassandra Lucyk

With the spring semester starting, Youngstown State University held its semi-annual Student Organization Fair, Jan. 11.

Caleb Queen, coordinator of Student Involvement at YSU, explained what the fair is about.

“The Student Organization Fair is held twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. We have about 180 student organizations on campus, and we allow them to reserve a table for the event,” Queen said. “Students can come through and learn about an organization, what they do and what their meetings look like. It’s just a way for students to get involved on campus, and find members of organizations that they might be interested in.”

Queen also explained how students can get their organization involved in the fair. 

“We send out a sign-up link once we’ve determined how much space we have,” Queen said. “Students sign up and as time goes by, we give students opportunities to cancel. We also have a waitlist, that way if someone cancels others have an opportunity to participate.”

Sofia Myers, a freshman political science major, explained the importance of student organizations as a member of the Student Government Association. 

“We really want to bridge the gap between the administrative side of things versus students,” Myers said. “We want everyone’s voices to be heard, and we want to make YSU overall a better place and give students a more positive experience while they’re here.”

Jordan Pintar, a sophomore philosophy and anthropology major, explained why SGA was at the fair. 

“Our booth is Student Government, I am on the executive team and I’m the parliamentarian. We’re just out here talking to the students, recruiting representatives and potentially senators,” Pintar said. 

Kendra Bradley, a freshman pre-dental hygiene major, said why she joined her organization, SGA. 

“I joined because I feel like voices are silenced when it comes to the younger generations, so it gets our word out there and we’re able to help people that feel like they’re smaller. We create a voice for the people that feel like they do not have one or are not able to say what they need,” Bradley said. 

The next Student Organization Fair will be held in fall 2023. For more information about the Student Organization Fair and upcoming events, visit YSU’s events webpage or contact Queen at