Five for Five: Hunter Wells

cmykWells_HunterTrue freshman quarterback Hunter Wells was named the starter for the Youngstown State University football team’s game against the Southern Illinois University Salukis. Wells took time after practice to discuss his experiences as a freshman quarterback and the upcoming game against South Dakota State University.


Why did you choose to come to YSU?

They were the first school I really liked that offered me. A lot of schools kind of messed around and never really offered me, they said they were going to offer me, but they never really did. YSU was the first school that was straight up with me and told me they were going to offer me, and that’s when I accepted it.

Did you expect to start this early?

Honesty, I didn’t. I came in — I think the plan the whole time was to be redshirted, but they always said be ready, come in and do your best.

What’s it like starting as a true freshman quarterback?

It just means I had to mature faster and a lot more responsibilities go with it. I started the last four games of my freshman year of high school. I have been in the position before, but this is a lot bigger of a position. I just got to mature and a lot more responsibilities come with it.

Are the players in the locker room starting to look at you as a leader?

Yeah, that’s the biggest thing. We got to go out there and do what we’re coached to do — me being a leader, it’s not always being vocal, it’s leading by example.

How does it feel going up against South Dakota State University and their home crowd?

It’s just like playing anywhere else I guess. You can’t really listen to what people say. I take it as motivation. If they want to say stuff to us, but you don’t pay attention to it when you’re playing. I forget about everything. You’re just out there playing and not focusing on what the people are saying in the stands.