Falling for fashion

By Molly Burke

Fall begins Sept. 23, marking the start of the season filled with pumpkin spice, sidewalks covered in orange leaves, hot apple cider and impromptu trips to local farmers markets.

For many, the start of fall means the beginning of the most iconic season for fashion. 

Fashion and interior merchandising professor, Taci Turel, said trench coats, gray tones, oversized jackets and apple red will be in this fall. 

“The classic trench coat is coming back … extra large puffer jackets or oversized jackets for the fall and sometimes they will have bold patterns or colors,” Turel said. “This year the apple red is very popular along with the different shades of gray.”

Another staple in fall fashion is denim. Turel said there are many ways to style it.

“There is this barrel-jean style this fall, and those are fitted in the waist but they kind of make an arc shape going down around the knees,” Turel said. “I see a lot of denim maxi skirts … pants with matching crop tops.”

Turel said every season, fashion trends change not only to adapt to changes in weather, but also to adapt to economic and cultural changes as well. 

“We have people who are influencers on Instagram and they popularize a style,” Turel said. “There’s also the functionality aspect as well … based on the technology or what is happening in the world … In a situation where the economy’s not that great — sometimes cheap fashion [and]  hip-hop fashion — those become more popular.”

Senior marketing major, Mya Synder, runs her own clothing and accessories business, Sew What? Sew This! Snyder said she creates clothing by upcycling discarded textiles. 

“I’m super into vintage quilts and what not,” Snyder said. “I can upcycle a tablecloth into just about anything. I make a lot of tote bags, ‘Bummin’ Bags,’ they’re like little fanny packs … and clothes.”

Snyder said she is inspired by fall fashion to make new pieces for her business. 

“Fall fashion is super in and because we’ve had such a warm summer … all these pieces in my closet that I haven’t had the chance to wear for months I’m getting to wear again and that’s inspiring too — just to see everything I loved last season,” Snyder said. 

Snyder said she likes layering clothes during the fall, not only for warmth, but to add depth to her look.

“Fall is my favorite season. I love wearing jeans, comfy sweaters [and] long sleeves. Layering is my favorite part of fall fashion,” Snyder said. “During the fall time, you can spice up say a dress for example with some funky tights, a vest [or] a cool sweater. You definitely have a little bit more leeway to play around with fabrics and patterns.”

Joey Kempe, senior geography major, said the fall weather is his favorite because he can dress more comfortably. 

“You don’t have to wear a large coat but you don’t have to worry about being hot all the time,” Kempe said. “[I like] crewnecks especially, flannels, hoodies [and] kind of lazy wear I guess … Lots of like earth tones so, dark green, dark brown [and] a little bit of orange. Those are my favorites.”

Those interested can find Sew What? Sew This! at The Youngstown Flea this fall or on Instagram @sewwhat_sewthis.