Fall Fire Fest Celebrates Homecoming Week with a Concert

By Victoria Remley 

The crackling of wood and strumming of guitars could be heard at the Fall Fire Fest on Oct. 4, which added to Youngstown State University’s fall festivities.

The fest took place in the M-71 parking lot and included a concert featuring Two Guys Under the Stairs, Munny Cat and Drop the Act.

Victoria Pacheco, a junior health and physical education major and event leader, said Fall Fire Fest was a big socializing event.

Photo by J. Harvard Feldhouse/The Jambar

“It’s a perfect time not only for you to meet more people, socialize with friends and hang out with them, but also to be able to just take in what Penguin Productions does and puts together and what YSU has to offer,” Pacheco said.

The group held this event to participate in Homecoming Week. Many student organizations and clubs prepared activity tables. The YSU Spirit Tent was also added this year.

“We want to still incorporate the YSU spirit with Homecoming Week, so we have that to tie in keeping the spirit alive throughout the whole event along with the pep rally,” Pacheco said.

A large bonfire and different food trucks, including the taco truck from Los Gallos Mexican Restaurant, tied in with the event. Two Guys Under the Stairs opened the show, Money Cat headlined and Drop the Act sub-headlined.

Pacheco said some of Fall Fire Fest’s student organization tables allowed students to see what campus offers.

“It’s another chance for you to see not only what Penguin Productions does and what we put together, but also what all these student organizations bring to YSU,” she said.

Penguin Productions manages the arts and music aspect of YSU events. It tries to bring music to YSU students. The group prepared the event in three weeks.

Pacheco said putting together Fall Fire Fest required planning ahead of time and involved many organizations.

Photo by J. Harvard Feldhouse/The Jambar

“We’ve been really good this year. I have an amazing group that I’m in right now, so thankfully everyone has been on top of things,” she said.

Albert Chizmar, a junior political science major on the event’s operations team, said coming to the event shows YSU spirit.

The operations team set up the stage, lights and tables and contacted 42 Productions and Showtime Productions.

Chizmar helped prepare the event because he receives a lot of hometown pride and feels rewarded. He enjoyed Federal Frenzy and thought participating in Fall Fire Fest would be fun.

Edward Watral, a freshman social work major, said he liked how Fall Fire Fest included many activities.

“I think there’s a variety of different things to do, so it makes it fun. I think the bonfire is a really big plus,” Watral said.

Adam Manley, a sophomore finance major, said he liked the event’s musical entertainment. He said there was a lot of different things to do and the background music was nice.

Zach Pezzuolo, a freshman integrated social studies major, said he enjoyed the event. He said he hasn’t seen anything like it at any other schools.