Exposure to the Imagination of Robert Walker

By Marah J. Morrison

Robert Walker’s art exhibition took place at the Soap Gallery on Oct. 5. Attendees were able to meet him and delve into pieces that featured the creatures and landscapes he has created.

Robert Walker is a national touring visual artist who has showcased his artwork throughout the country. He said since he was young, he has always been into art and that his mother has been very supportive of him.

“It’s what I wanted since I was a little kid and it’s a lot of dedication to painting,” he said. “I started living off of it in 2006.”

Robert Walker said he’s created his works of art through his own personal imagination. He said his latest pieces are always the ones that touch him emotionally the most.

“As I’m doing something I always feel like this is it, this is my best piece,” he said.

Photo by Marah J. Morrison

Robert Walker said he started out using oil for his paintings, but now works with acrylics most of the time. He said at the moment, he is heavily into the color teal and has been using it a lot in his work.

“For the last few years, I have to force myself to use another color other than teal,” he said.

Robert Walker said he always works on multiple pieces at once because of how long they take. He said the most stressful thing he’s faced in the art industry is the festivals he partakes in.

“It’s not challenging but it’s work,” he said. “Spring, summer, fall, I’m in a different state.”

Robert Walker said although his show schedule is crazy, he wants to leave a mark with his artwork. He said after he’s gone, he wants enough people to have his work so that it can live on.

“I’m always trying to promote myself,” he said. “This is what I wanted to do. It’s working and  I’m doing it and just [enjoying] the journey.”

Teresa Redmond, Walker’s mother, said her son works very hard. She said he puts his heart and soul into each painting.

“There’s a piece of him in each painting,” she said. “He stays busy.”

Redmond said her son’s artwork is everywhere and collectors have multiple paintings he’s done. She said he’s sold pieces in Australia and Majorca.

“When he was younger he used to paint with his fingers,” she said. “You only get one life to live, and I’ve always told Rob that.”

Redmond said she’s witnessed how hard her son has worked and she that is very proud of him. She said he’s come from nothing to something.

Photo by Marah J. Morrison

Kyle Walker, the husband of Robert Walker, said he’s proud of him and that he keeps getting better with his paintings. He said his imagination comes out very well through his work.

“Everything that he says he’s going to do he does it,” he said. “He works hard. I love the crap out of him.”

Barbara Cibella, an attendee of the exhibition, said the artwork Robert Walker does is fantastic and that he’s a unique person. She said he has a following all over the country.

“It’s so interesting to see how excited people get to see his artwork in person,” she said. “He’s come a long way.”