Editorial: Positively YSU

In many local high schools, YSU used to mean “You Screwed Up” — a common joke tossed around in the cramped locker-lined hallways. However, Youngstown State University has been proving itself unworthy of the negativity and in need of some well-deserved praise.

While there are always going to be issues that need more attention and buildings — like buildings and parking decks that need fixed and/or replaced, the first editorial of 2017 is going to focus on the things Youngstown State University does well.

It’s affordable as far as education goes.

In-state tuition is a little over $8,000, which is actually less expensive than the cost of room and board.

If one decides they want to have their own place instead, Youngstown boasts inexpensive housing right outside of YSU’s borders. Another surprise? It’s safe. The tales of car bombs and murder sprees are closer to the past than they are to the present.

YSU alumns go places.

Literally and figuratively. Graduates are all over the globe working at some of the most innovative and interesting companies around. Just because the university is inexpensive doesn’t mean that the education provided is lackluster.

Some remarkable YSU grads include Ed O’Neill, Evelyn G. Lowery, Ron Jaworski, Nanette Lepore and Simeon Booker, just to name a few.

The professors rule.

No matter what program a student is in, they’re guaranteed to find some of the kindest, most attentive professors around.

The student to professor ratio is 19:1 (as of 2010), so those who attend YSU are going to know their professors, know their classmates and receive individualized attention in and outside of class.
There’s a diverse population.

YSU is filled with all sorts of different people who all share a common goal: education. Meeting and interacting with people who aren’t carbon copies of your culture, race, thought process, etc. is a great way to expand understanding and make new friends.

Instead of limiting learning in classrooms, YSU offers additional educational opportunities in the form of a distinct student body.

Renewed Penguin pride.

Over the last decade, YSU athletics has been in a state of limbo. The numerous programs were unsuccessful or unable to have any success in the postseason. But the football, women’s basketball and track and cross-country teams have experience postseason success.

The men’s cross-country team won its first Horizon League title in school history in November; the women’s basketball team played in a postseason tournament for the third time in three seasons; and the football team made national headlines after playing in the Football Championship Subdivision title for the first time since 1997.

Thanks to the current students, faculty, staff, alumni and administration, YSU is actively doing good work and continuing to improve. In the midst of what can seem like a plethora of negative news in the new year, YSU has made an otherwise positive impression.