Did you make the list?

As the end of the semester draws near, tempers run high and patience grows thin around campus. So, to illustrate what we mean, here’s an extensive, if incomplete, list of things that are pissing us off.

Ain’t nobody got time for that:

1) People who post long-winded Facebook rants about their personal problems.

2) YSU parking tickets are three times as expensive as city parking tickets, and they raised parking pass prices last summer to do what exactly?

3) Inappropriate use of the word “literally.” No matter how mad you get, your head is not “literally” going to explode.

4) Snow in April.

5) People who plaster their fresh-out-of-the-placenta babies all over Facebook. You’re 22, for crying out loud.

6) People who don’t use headphones when listening to music on their phone.

7) Nickelback fans.

8) Middle-aged men who use the word “bro” in a non-ironic sense.

9) Professors who make you buy the textbook but never make you use it.

10) Duck-faced, muscle and/or sideways peace sign selfies.

11) Hippies.

12) Hipsters.

13) People who pretend to be hippies and hipsters.

14) Hippies and hipsters who have no self-awareness.

15) The Man.

16) The parking meters shouldn’t have to be fed every 30 minutes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

17) Cops who park illegally and turn on their lights to run red lights.

18) People who play the acoustic guitar on benches inside and outside Kilcawley.

19) Baseball.

20) People who post their own name on YSU Crushes.

21) When YSU Crushes and YSU Confessions don’t update for hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that.