Countdown hits zero

I came to The Jambar with an interest in going into reporting but a novice in creating print and broadcast journalism. Alongside that, I was a history major, whereas everyone else was a journalism major. Oh, also, I came to YSU all the way from Arizona. Despite all of that, The Jambar became a place I could call home, and there have been many individuals who have defined my experience here, who I’d like to name.

To the departing editor-in-chief, Molly Burke, I enjoyed interviewing Bill Johnson with you. I’ll keep you in mind as I progress through my future endeavors.

To the one and only, John Ostapowicz, the incoming EIC, I believe in you! I’ve loved working with you since I started, and I’ve loved your quips, fashion sense, sports knowledge and deep enthusiasm for music, which I know you’ll continue through next year. While I won’t be here anymore, I’ll keep an eye out for how incredible I know you’ll be.

To Dylan Lux, I’ve loved your humor and your wit, and you’ve done an incredible job as executive producer. It’s been great to work with you. Without you, I may have not learned the creative potential broadcast holds and the fun and beauty I can create with it. I also loved the reels you produced with Gavin Blacksher. I know you’ll do great wherever you go!

To Maddie Fessler, you’ve always been there to encourage my photography skills and my understanding of how much collaboration goes into journalism. Your design work was neat and well done, and your awards for it are well-deserved. I’ll miss you and the convos we had about life, and I’m happy you’ll continue your exemplary designing for The Jambar next year.

And of course, I can’t forget Elizabeth Coss, aka Betty. You’ve been an inspiration. I’ve shared more bylines with you than anybody else here, whether that be covering the Simeon Booker Award together, or that time I caught COVID, and you had to finish up my story for me. You’ve always been there for me through ups and downs as we’ve dealt with the stresses of juggling reporting with college and life, and I’ll never forget what you’ve taught me — whether that be with my work or bringing me out of my shell.

So many others too have brought me joy here, whether that be Jambar alumnus Kyle Wills, whose goodbye letter title I poached; or Sydney Fairbanks, whose time and creativity in editing my unorthodox broadcasts I will always cherish; or Hannah Werle, whose thoroughness and humor I will always appreciate; or Shianna Gibbons, who always encouraged my story ideas; or Cameron Niemi, who I know is also going places in sports journalism; or Mohammad Haram Kafil, who I know will do amazing with the website next year.

As I move onto the next chapter of my life, I remember you all.

Signing off of The Jambar, I’m Christopher Gillett!