Column: Metathesiophobia

Greek ‘Meta’ Meaning Change Phobos Meaning Fear


By Gino Diguilio


New; not existing before; made, introduced or discovered recently or now for the first time. In the past few weeks I have been trying to do new things, go to new places, meet new people, learn new things, talk about new topics, find new hobbies, anything. Anything new to me, I am trying to make a conscious effort to try it. And in bringing all of these new things into my life, I have realized that I am terrified. Terrified of new things and confrontation from not agreeing with the way these new things are shown to me.


And in today’s world, being terrified of new things is a horrible thing to experience. I noticed lately that ever since the Presidential campaigns have been getting closer and closer to our area, and even having rallies in the surrounding spaces, the thought of new ideas, new topics and people arguing over their beliefs are not actually new. I am just terrified of the confrontation from the arguments that arise from these new ideas, new things and new anything in general!


Reading comments on friends’ and family members’ statuses or posts and seeing the amount of anger and straight up rage from someone believing that their beliefs are ‘new’ or ‘better’ baffles me. This concept of fighting over political beliefs is something I am not used to. It is brand new to me. And that may be because this is the first time I am actually paying attention to politics on a large scale. But the fact is that massive fights, altercations and yelling matches is not new. It is just new to me. And it is taking me some time to adjust to the fact that this is normal in our world. It may be just because I am not one for confrontation or even talking about political beliefs at all, but I am trying to indulge myself in this new concept.


The one thing I have been learning, especially when talking to family members and friends is that tolerance is a virtue and fighting is unnecessary. Is it really that hard to agree to disagree with someone over an issue? Is it going to end the world if you listen to someone’s thoughts and just say, “I see where you are coming from.” I truly think not. The next time you are in a debate over not just politics, but any issue or topic is to think about what’s new. The new concept is to have tolerance and not immediately fight with someone if you do not agree.


I urge you to use this idea, especially in the world of crazy political ideas that we live in today. It will make our world much nicer and a lot easier to deal with.