Bomb threats on campus

There has been a threat that multiple explosives will go off at Youngstown State University as early as 11:15 am.  According to text messages received from YSU Alert, this threat is not believed “to be credible at this time.”


An email sent to The Jambar through the letter to the editor portal warned of the threat.   


“I have reason to believe that today, August 9, 2013, there will be multiple explosives that go off on campus at Youngstown State University, starting as early as 11:15am. I some how caught wind of this last night, after reading several posts on Facebook. I just pray that we are able to evaluate the campus in time and that nobody gets hurt,” the email said.


Ron Cole, director of university communications, said that a threatening email was sent to university staff members.


“YSU police immediately launched an investigation with the city police as well as the FBI,”he said.  “Early on they deemed it a low level, not credible threat.”


Cole indicated, “All operations are proceeding as usual on campus.”


YSU alerts were sent, advising that those on campus search their buildings and “report anything suspicious to the YSU PD.”