Believers never die

Roughly a week ago, I wrote a lengthy blog about how I didn’t think Fall Out Boy was returning from hiatus and how I didn’t agree with the way a handful of reporters were addressing the rumors.

This morning, I was thanking my lucky stars that the blog never got published because I awoke to a slew of texts that said that the band had just confirmed an album and a tour and that they released a music video and a single, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” (which I listened to).

Oh, the wonderful things that happen when in a sinus infection-induced sleep.

But now, I move on to talking about the fans.

A lot of them are straight up cray cray — saying that if this is a false rumor, they are going to burn their FOB CDs.

I’m sorry, but that would not make them want to get back together. Those fellas have been put through the ringer since their last show together in 2009.

Let’s take the FOB front man himself, Patrick Stump. Post-FOB, he lost 60 pounds and released a solo record. For some reason, a lot of fans hated him for it, saying that he sang better when he was fat.

The poor guy had prediabetes and his weight was triggering asthma attacks. Now, his fans are sending him hate mail about him being skinny.

If looks truly don’t matter in music (like the fans said pre-hiatus), why do they matter now that he is drop dead gorgeous?

Stump’s voice is still that of an angel of music — which he truly is because he can sing everything from pop punk to soul and do it flawlessly. Seriously, have the man sing the ingredients to Spam, and I’ll listen to it.

Andy Hurley, FOB drummer, floated around during the hiatus, drumming for the heavy metal bands The Damned Things and Focused X Minds. Many FOB fans ignored these projects because they weren’t related directly to FOB.

FOB guitarist, Joe Trohman, was a member of The Damned Things alongside Hurley.

Now, don’t even get me started on the bullcrap that FOB bassist Pete Wentz was put through post-FOB. Between the Black Cards project and his divorce with Ashlee Simpson, it was all he could do to stay out of the tabloids.

Even Alternative Press Magazine listed Simpson releasing a song called “Bat for a Heart” as a reason FOB should get back together. The song was a clear homage to her relationship with Wentz and a throw to the DecayDance logo (DecayDance being the record label FOB is on that was founded by Wentz).

When the four were separated, no one cared.

Fans went from paying for fan club membership to meet FOB to being able to walk outside a venue and meet them free of charge only to pass up the opportunity when FOB was no longer a band.

I’m not saying that fans don’t deserve FOB’s attention; I’m saying they better be good.

In reality, we only had to wait three years for the rebirth. Blink-182 fans waited five years. My mom waited 30 years for a Led Zeppelin reunion, which she didn’t attend because the concert was in England. (Come on, mom; you’re supposed to be a role model!)

So, fans, you got what you wanted. I just hope that you appreciate your band getting back together.

The combined powers of these men as the band Fall Out Boy causes more emotion in fans simply because this was the music that held the hands of many an awkward teenager as they reached adulthood.

According to Wentz’s blog, they’re back because music is what got them through their days.

Any music fan can relate to this. I commend FOB for getting back to the grind on their own terms and no one else’s.

The day my uncle passed away was the same day FOB’s third album, “Infinity on High,” was released. Numb to the news, I went to buy the album despite my family mourning his loss. Music was the only way that I could cope, and this new record was just there.

Since then, I’ve seen FOB in concert, and they’re without a doubt pure entertainment.

I couldn’t understand why a majority of the fan base hated “Infinity On High.” I still don’t understand it. Members of the band even addressed this in their music video for “The Take Over, The Breaks Over” where fans were sporting “Sell Out Boy” shirts.

Around this time, of course, was when Wentz and Simpson were dating and everyone was still trying to un-see certain photos that will not be mentioned on this blog.

I think the core fan base was worried at this point that they were going to lose their beloved back pocket band to the mainstream world — so they pushed them away.

All FOB fans need to be thankful that they’re back together and just appreciate it. Many bands would have called it quits after being put through the emotional stabs that they were put through.

Fall Out Boy is ready to once again take up the role as the kings of the scene on their “Save Rock and Roll” tour.

Personally, I couldn’t be more stoked … unless they took Panic! at the Disco out with them.

Then, I’d be even more stoked.

1 comments Peanutbridge Sun Feb 10 2013 15:59 This is a really great piece. I’m so pleased with the tone and reporting of this article that I hope the author continues to report through this publication and others. I first started listening to FOB in college and have been a huge fan ever since. And I was so surprised to hear about the backlash against the album “Infinity On High.” That was a really great album- and possibly my favorite one! How could anyone not enjoy that amazing set of songs? People are just confused, that’s all. I had heard nothing about Falloutboy getting back together so I was really psyched to hear it via The Jambar (also enjoyed the clever allusion in the title). If anyone else wants to know of a few FOB songs that are more obscure but still very good I’d recommend “G.I.N.A.S.F.S.” and “Alphadog,” among several others. I could comment on and on about all the fun that is to be had with this band but I’ve just gotta say that this was a great read, welcome news, and just plain awesome.