Beeghly Fellows Get Real World Experience

By Kierston Richardson

Business students (front row) Georganna Norris, Jenna Binsley, Kathryn Sewall and (back row) Bashar Rasoul and Ryan Sheffield, were named the 2020 Beeghly Fellows. Photo courtesy of YSU

The Beeghly Fellows internship program gives Youngstown State University students hands-on experience the classroom can’t provide.

Jenna Binsley, senior marketing major and one of the Beeghly Fellows named this year, said she has numerous responsibilities with the internship.

“As a marketing major, they do play on your strengths, but they do help you improve your weaknesses,” Binsley said. “I do market research and event planning. I also put together promotional materials and website audits. I also help clients with some social media strategies.” 

Binsley said being a Beeghly Fellow and working in the America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will help benefit her career in the future. 

“I feel like working at SBDC they really work on cultivating your skills. I have really grown a lot in terms of experiences I had,” Binsley said. “I found that business consulting might be one avenue for my career when I graduate.” 

Binsley said being a Beeghly Fellow gives her a chance to become immersed in her major. 

“We get to sit in on client meetings and get that hands-on experience. It’s an experience you can’t get in the classroom,” Binsley said. “Being a Beeghly Fellow really solidifies that I do want to go into marketing.” 

Kathryn Sewall, senior accounting major and a Beeghly Fellow, said being involved in the program is important. 

 “It’s kind of a way to give back to the community that’s been so good to me these past four years at school,” Sewall said. 

She said the application process for the internship is simple. 

“There’s an email that is sent out to all the business students, and students can apply on the application they sound in the email,” Sewall said. 

Ryan Sheffield, a senior management major with a focus in supply chain management and one of the Beeghly Fellows named this year, said he’s gained skills while being a part of the program.

“I’ve gained skills like communication, interacting with clients and co-workers, professionalism and knowledge,” he said. 

Sheffield is in an internship program provided through the Beeghly family and John D. Beeghly, a longtime resident of Youngstown and business owner. 

“He really helped the business community in the Valley,” Sheffield said. 

He said it makes him feel good when he gets feedback from small businesses and small family-owned businesses the Fellows help. 

“It’s very joyful because a lot of the work we do our clients are grateful for. It makes us feel like we did something to help that business out,” Sheffield said.