A Toast to Fall

By Gino Diguilio

Ah fall: one of the most magical, special, beautiful and rejuvenating seasons there is. Now you might be thinking, “Gino, are you crazy? It’s just an in between season that likes to confuse us with unpredictable weather patterns, dying trees and pumpkin everything,” and to that, I would say, “EXACTLY.” How could you not love it?

When fall finally knocks on our door, I feel a sense of new beginnings. It’s my favorite season. Well, besides oregano! Please laugh at that, it was a grade A pun and you know it. I see opportunities to be a better person, express myself in different ways and realize just how beautiful fall makes the world appear. And to those of you that call it autumn, I’m going to need you to tone it down a notch … We all can’t be as quirky as you.

I love fall so much that I will wake up early, open up the windows to get that crisp cool breeze, make some pumpkin tea, cocoon myself in some knitted blankets and just watch the world go by. It is just so relaxing and everybody needs to do something like this every once in a while. It will rejuvenate you and relax you to the point of falling asleep. See what I did there? Another pun. That is until I realize I have way too much stuff to do that day and snap back into reality.

But I love fall so much that I would even go as far as calling myself, as the kids would say, “basic.” And what’s wrong with that?


Why is it wrong that I love everything pumpkin flavored, scented, shaped and all fall fashion? If that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Sweaters for example: treat your body to a wonderfully warm and cozy piece of clothing. It’s fashionable and practical. You are probably stressed with school and freezing, so why not be comfortable and fashion forward all at once. Have you ever smelled a pumpkin spice candle? Why would you not want your entire house to smell like a festive fall holiday? I just don’t get it.

Now don’t you dare say, “Oh Gino, but fall will be so expensive if I am going to have to buy pumpkin flavored drinks, a new sweater and pumpkin spice candles because it will make me appreciate the season more.” You know what else I appreciate? A wallet filled with cash-money … Go get a $4 candle from the grocery store. Your nose won’t know the difference. Promise. Go borrow a friend’s sweater. I don’t care and neither should you!

Fall isn’t supposed to be about the things you do or the things you buy, but about the experience you give yourself and the opportunities to calm your mind, reset your body and have the best fall season ever. Yes, the way I do that is by completely drowning myself in festive items such as pumpkin flavored foods and fall fashion, but that is not the end all be all.

Take time out of your day to just appreciate what the world is doing around you. It is changing and that is the perfect excuse for you to change your habits. Treat yourself, take a moment to relax and look around you. See how beautiful and fun this season could be.

And if that means getting your daily pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, then so be it. No judgment. Do what makes you happy, comfortable and festive. Just remember, fall is a time when death is golden and beautiful. So be as basic as you want and enjoy the season to the fullest.