9 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the Student on a Budget

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Vergani/ Flickr. CC by 2.0. “Here Comes Halloween Night…”

By Scott Brindiar 

As a college student, you probably don’t have the time, money, motivation or desire to create an elaborate Halloween costume. However, you should always have something prepared on the off chance that you get invited to a last-minute Halloween party — or if you got invited ages ago, and just realized you never got a costume. If faced with this situation, try one of these clever last-minute costumes made with items from around the house.

Ceiling Fan: On a sign, write the words “go ceilings!” To take it to the next level, carry a giant foam finger or pompoms and add sports-fan face paint.

Cow: Do you have a black T-shirt? How about black pants? If you said yes, then you have everything you need to make a last-minute cow costume. Simply put on said black shirt and pants, and cut out pieces of white paper. Glue or tape the white spots onto your clothes, and you’re a cow!

Homeless Person: For this costume, get your oldest, messiest outfit — probably whatever you were wearing when you realized you had a party to go to. Next, hang a sign around your neck that says something along the lines of “will work for food,” “this is your fault,” “I’ll cut you” or any phrase you see fit for your homeless character.

Sir Mix-A-Lot: To be Sir Mix-A-Lot, who you may know from Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and some obscure songs from the 1990s, you’ll need a fedora, a leather jacket and a snake puppet that you can make out of a bag or a sock — if you have a real snake puppet lying around your house, use that. Put the fedora on your head. Put the leather jacket on your body. Now, put the snake puppet on your hand. At the party, have your snake puppet answer for you every time somebody asks you if you want something with, “my anaconda don’t want none.” Make it a duo costume by having a friend dress up as an anaconda.

Hawaiian Punch: Grab some Hawaiian leis, a pineapple, a hula skirt or something tropical leftover from that Hawaiian birthday party rager you went to when you were a kid. Next, put on boxing gloves. Boom! You’re Hawaiian Punch.

Bill Collector and Bills: This one’s a group costume. One person needs to be a bill collector. Dress in uniform and carry a rope for rounding up your bills. Everybody else in the group simply needs nametags that read “Bill.” The bill collector should make sure he’s collected all the bills by the end of the night.

Royal Pain: This one is super easy, but might cause some trouble. If you’re devoted to the part, it’ll be worth it. Take a crown and place it on your head. At the party, go around slapping people. Take it to the next level by kicking people and becoming a Royal Pain in the Butt.

Ebola Patient: This costume is perfect for those of you who don’t really want to go out on Halloween. Lock your doors and windows and don’t let anybody inside.

Sexy Ebola Patient: This is the same as above, but you do it in your underwear.