YSU Art Department Unlocked: Q&A With Mary Lou Weingart

By Amanda Lehnerd

Mary Lou Weingart is the senior academic adviser in the College of Creative Arts and Communication’s art department. Weingart has a master’s degree in education and licensure in reading. Weingart likes having the opportunity to help students pursuing careers in the CCAC, and believes that everyone should find a career they enjoy.

Q1: What elective art classes are available to non-art majors?

Students can take any art class that states it is for non-majors. There are a few classes offered from the department of art that students can take. Ceramics for non-majors have two different classes students can choose from. The first class is Ceramics for Non-Majors — Handbuilding ART 2640, which is an introduction to basic building methods. The next class students can register for is Ceramics for Non-Majors — Wheel and Alternative Process ART 2641, which is an introduction to basic wheel throwing technology, mold making and slip casting process. The other class offered for non-art majors is Photography for Non-Majors ART 2670. In photography, the class focuses on digital camera operation, design and composition. Students must provide a camera.

 Q2: Are there certain classes only offered in the fall and spring semesters?

 Usually, the ceramics classes are offered in the fall, and the photography class is offered in the spring. This spring both sections will be offered. Students can look up all the classes offered in the new course catalog.

Q3: Why do students who have an art minor but are not an art major have to get overrides for classes?

There are core classes that all art majors have to take to be able to get into upper division art classes. Many of the minors that are available to students do not require all of these fundamental classes. The art classes have blocks on them, so students who are not involved in CCAC register for them.

Q4: How can students register for non-major art classes?

The classes fill up quick, and there is a limited amount of spots available. Students can find the classes offered when registering by selecting the subject art. Selecting art will display all of the classes offered in the art department for that selected semester. Students can scroll down the page until they find the classes listed as non-major. If a student would like to be in a class that is full, the student can select the option to be put on a waitlist. When a student who already registered for a non-major art class drops, the next student on the waitlist will be notified. The student on the waitlist can register for the class at that time.