10 and 8 Management rises through ranks

The glitz and glamour of a music management business has finally arrived at Youngstown’s doorstep. Youngstown State University’s own Nicholas Mishko, a 2006 communications graduate, founded 10 and 8 Management in 2011 in hopes that one day his business would be managing some of the nation’s top bands. Fast forward to 2013, and Mishko’s dream is on its way.

At the moment, Mishko manages four musical acts whose styles range from rap to country/folk music. His bands include Timmy Titus, Victoria Rose, Oldboy and Runaway Dorothy.

Mishko coordinated a cross-country tour for Runaway Dorothy, who has found recent success with their newest album, “The Wait.”  He said he is incredibly excited about the success of the band and of his management company.

“It takes a lot of work,” Mishko stated. “I don’t stop working until 2 a.m sometimes. It’s relentless, but fruitful for everyone involved.”

Mishko said he found his music and business passion early on in life. Despite the odds, he said he knew that starting his own music management business was something that he was destined to do.

“Sophomore year of high school, I read this book. … It was about talent scouts in the music business. I fell in love with it,” Mishko said. “I never thought I could do it being from Ohio, but here I am.”

Nick Mishko’s wife, Rebekah Mishko, said she believes that her husband’s success comes from his positive attitude and his unbelievable passion for the industry.

“I was recently able to spend a few days traveling with Nick and Runaway Dorothy on one of their tours. Whenever I caught sight of Nick while he was working, all I could think was, even though this life is hard sometimes, this is what he was supposed to be doing,” Rebekah Mishko said. “I think his caring nature is one reason why he has such great relationships with his artists, because he really does care.”

Nick Mishko said that even though the days are long and the road is rough, he loves his job more than ever before.

“People would tell me that I would hate my job after so long. … Yes, it’s hard work. But at the end of the day, I love what I do. Seeing musicians write a new song and hearing it … the passion for music between myself and them runs really deep,” he said. “I love being able to have my own business and be able to represent YSU out in the industry. It’s such a great feeling.”

Rebekah Mishko said that Nick’s never-ending drive and need to educate people on extraordinary music go hand-in-hand as to why 10 and 8 Management and its clients are climbing up the music charts.

“For as long as I’ve known Nick, he has had a passion for music. He just has such an appreciation for it in any form and for the people who create it,” Rebekah Mishko said. “Before I met Nick, music was what came on the top 40 radio station. Nick taught me that it is so much more than that. [Seeing] him with clients … there is no question in my mind that [this] is exactly what he is meant to be doing.”